युग प्रवर्तक साहित्य संस्थान ने हिंदी दिवस मनाया

मुम्बई सांताक्रुज (पूर्व) परम हाउस हॉल मे युग प्रवर्तक साहित्य संस्थान द्वारा हिंदी दिवस धूम- धाम से मनाया गया. कार्यक्रम की अध्यक्षता महावीरप्रसाद अग्रवाल (नेवटिया) ने व संचालन दिनेश मिश्र बैसवारी (कवि/पत्रकार) ने किया |

परिचर्चा और कविता पाठ मे भाग लेने वालो मे मोतीलाल बजाज, गीतकार रामजी कनौजिया, जवाहरलाल निर्झर, पं. बंशीधर शर्मा, शिवप्रकाश जौनपुरी, बी.एल.शर्मा कुंवारा, के.डी. शुक्ल, सूर्यकांत शुक्ल, विवेक राजस्थानी, श्रीनाथ शर्मा, रवि यादव, जगत किशोर त्रिवेदी, शिवम मिश्र, शाह बस्तीवाला, दीपक पाण्डेय और संगीता अग्रवाल इत्यादि थे |

कार्यक्रम समापन मे अमलेश नेगी को मौन श्रधांजलि अर्पित की गई |

Medical Health Check-Up Camp in Mumbai, 400 patients benefits

In a noble wave to bring the free medical services at the doorstep at vital period  of rainy season when most cases of sickness and other diseases are reported annually, Sanskar – The Foundation in collaboration with Senior Railway Institute – Santacruz (East) conducted a free medical camp at Hall of Senior Railway Institute, Prabhat Colony, Santacruz (East) on 3rd September 2017.

During the free medical camp, more than 400 patients got benefitted and one physically challenged patient said that they are very happy over organizing such a free medical camp. Doctors spanning across various fields such as Cardiology, ENT, Gynecology, Orthopedic, General Physician, Dental, Pathology and ECG were in the service during the camp.

Dr. Baswaraj, Cardiologist, said that patients turned up in large number beyond the expectation. Such free health check-up camp organized by Sanskar – The Foundation is good and we doctors are also ready to serve people in such camp added Dr. Ramesh Sharma.

When Mumbai Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar witnessed the free health check-up camp said that many people got benefitted from the camp and he expressed his thankfulness to the Sanskar – The Foundation Chairman, Mr. Om Prakash Chamaria & Secretary, Mr. Suresh Saraogi and Senior Railway Institute, Santacruz (East), Hon General Secretary, Munesh Kumar Kulshrestha & Amit Sahu and appealed for many more such camps in other areas of the Mumbai city also.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Parag Alavani (MLA from Vile Parle) said, “Health is most important to all persons. People are more prone to get health problems during rainy season.” He appreciated Sanskar – The Foundation for conducting the camp and said serving the society with the motto of humanity is the most divine job one could ever do.

Mr. Dharmesh Vyas (Congress Party) congratulated all the doctors, who rendered services, saying they have contributed to one of the noblest causes of helping the society.

Mr. Ashok Saraogi (Advocate) said that the medical camp was conducted at the right time as the months of June to September was a season where people are prone to sickness due to rains and change of season.

Mrs. Usha Saraogi (Chairman of Mahila Samiti) advised to take precautions during the rainy season to prevent water borne diseases.

Mrs. Sushma Khowala (Secretary of Mahila Samiti) said many people suffered health problems since diagnosis was not done at early stage. Our country made rapid advancements in health care. Heart patients who underwent multiple bypass surgeries are living happily and hence what is important is early detection and right medical intervention.

The doctors of the Free Medical Health Check –up camp included Dr. Vijayalaxmi Goel (Gynaecologist), Dr. Rahul Modi (ENT Specialist), Dr. Bharat Tiwari (Pathologist), Dr. Rohit Shah (Dentist), Dr. Paresh Desai (Orthopedic), Dr. Ramesh Sharma (General Physician), Dr. Rohan Jadhav (General Physician), Dr. Shailesh Shinde (General Physician) and Dr. Baswaraj (Cardiologist).

Everyone present in the camp expressed their immense gratitude for organizing a free medical health check-up camp.

Sanskar – The Foundation expressed thankfulness to doctors, volunteers & well-wishers and especially to Santosh Ghag of Seven Hills Hospitals & the authorities of Senior Railway Institute – Santacruz (East).

Independence Day Celebration by Shining Angels NGO

Shining Angels NGO organised the Independence Day Celebration in collaboration with K Mall which is located in Panvel, Navi Mumbai. The event started on 11th of August and was continued till 15th of August. This 5 day event included Chocolate Distribution, Drawing Competition, Mascot show, Prize Distribution and Flag distribution followed by sweet distribution.

As a part of Independence Day celebration, Shining Angels NGO commenced this event on 11thof August by Distributing Chocolates.As we Indians, always start a special day or occasion by servings sweets to everyone, because sweets are mode of expressing your love and gratitudetowards the special occasions, and of course everyone loves Chocolate so it was a great start to such an event by Distributing Chocolates to everyone.  There had been plenty of children and elders who appreciated our effort, as, we invited them to be a part of our Independence Day Celebration.

12th August, the Drawing competition was organised for children. This activity was organised to encourage and discover creativity in kids by providing them a platform to represent their ability in drawing and colouring. It allowed them to think and work creatively. People arriving at the mall with their kids were asked to let their kids participate in this competition; kids seemed to be excited about it, whereas, even parents happily allowed them to be a part of this competition.

13th of August was the 3rdday of celebration, which turned into celebrated by way of a setting up a mascot show. Extraordinary cartoon characters were being presented in mall. The youngsters have been interested in the occasion. Everyone including youngsters and children took selfie with those mascots and had fun being around them. Also, on this occasion the awareness was spread among everyone about the NGO projects and intentions and advantages of it. As,we are in a powerful age for education in which technology holds the potential to drastically improve learning opportunities for students, importance of Digital Education was explained to people.

The prize distribution event was held on 14th August. As kids participated, now it turned into time to present them an award for their creativity. It was a hard task to choose one drawing as the best one, due to the fact children came up with wonderful paintings and each drawing was stunning in its own way. It reflected the creativity inside child’s thoughts. Parents were happy to see their kids doing so well in competition.

15th August 2017, it was a proud moment to celebrate 71st Independence Day of Independent India. Any Festival seems to be incomplete without celebration and several enjoyable and creative activities. It reminds us about the battle, sacrifices of our freedom fighters, who sacrificed their life, fighting for Independence of our country. Indian National Flag Stickers were been Circulated among the people, to remind about the sacrifice made by our freedom fighters, they wore the Nationality with pride. Everyone is very much aware about the motto ‘MuhMithaKijiye’ at whatever point any special occasion happens in India. Therefore, Traditional sweets were served to everyone on this occasion to spread the sweetness of patriotism. Co-operation of people was more than we expected which made our event a success.

Shining Angels NGO is serving society from past 5 years in the field of education and health. Many projects have been started and successfully completed. Earlier, we did project for beggar kids where we provided them freed from price education. It was quite tough project because most of the parents of those beggar kids don’t need them to study because of lack of information about theimportance of schooling and also due to the fact begging seems to be a easy task to them. As, Shining Angels have been relentlessly making an attempt to make lives of those beggar kids better by way of educating and assisting them, we aware the parents about the significance of schooling, soon our project was a fulfilment. Additionally, started out a Free Computer Education Centre for slum kids, those who are willing to learn computer however couldn’t afford it. Many kids had been and are being benefitted by this move of Shining Angels. Likewise we also are assisting 10 underprivileged girls by presenting schooling charges. The whole responsibility of their education is carried by us.

This 5 days of event was fruitful, it was a blend of Patriotism, Social Work, Mindfulness and Inspiring Competition. It had been a wonderful occasion; we and everybody else loved every minute of it and are grateful to absolutely everyone for being a part of it.

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Free Medical Health Check-up Camp on 3rd September 2017

Mumbai. As the nation celebrates its 71st Independence Day, both “Sanskar – The Foundation” and “Senior Railway Institute – Santacruz (East), Mumbai”, feel that the biggest service to the nation is the service of the mankind. To do so, they come together to celebrate the spirit of service by organizing Free Medical Health Check-Up Camp at Hall of Senior Railway Institute, Prabhat Colony, Santacruz (East) Mumbai spanning across the fields of Cardiology, ENT, Gynecology, Orthopedic, General Physician, Dental, Pathology.

This health camp is organized to spread awareness about these illnesses and about the ways of preventing these illnesses which people generally neglects.

Om Prakash Chamaria (Chairman) said: “We will provide free consultation to the patients and medical tests like Blood Sugar level, Hemoglobin count, Blood Pressure, ECG etc. will be done free of cost.”

The organizing team cordially invites all of you to be a part of this erudite symposium. They extend a warm welcome to the whole fraternity to kindly join us and help in bringing change in people’s lives.

Usha Saraogi (Chairman of Mahila Samiti) said: “Sanskar – The Foundation” is always dedicated to contribute the society by adding meaning and significance to the respective lives.

This is a collective attempt to raise the physical and mental health of the people. You are hereby requested to spare some time out from your busy schedules and join us in this noble cause.

Sushma Khowala (Secretary of Mahila Samiti) said: “Sanskar – The Foundation” has already conducted such camp in the month of May 2017, this would be the second health camp organized by the Foundation.

“There are lots of health issues encountered now a days, with this health camp our aim is to create health awareness among people and more such camps will be organized in the near future”, added Chamaria.

Details of the Free Medical Health Check-up Camp are as below:

Date: 3rd September 2017

 Time: 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM

 Venue: Hall of Senior Railway Institute, Prabhat Colony, Santacruz (East)

 Contact: Suresh Saraogi (Secretary): +91 981 95 70 737